The Wild West

Cowboys and cowgirls are a classic fascination for kids. If your child longs to roam the Western plains, browse this collection of our favorite Wild West worksheets and coloring pages for cowpokes of all ages.

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Color the Cowboy

Colour the Cowboy

This year two coloring page features a cowboy and his horse.
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Color Pecos Bill

Colour Pecos Bill

Yee-haw! colour in Pecos Bill, the wildest, bravest buckaroo in the West!
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Color the Desert Landscape

Colour the Desert Landscape

This desert landscape coloring page is full of cactus plants large and small, as well as imposing natural formations.
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Color Annie Oakley

Colour Annie Oakley

Yee-haw! This here's Annie Oakley, a real-life sharpshooter who made her way to fame on the Wild West Show circuit.
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Color the Saguaro Cactus

Colour the Saguaro Cactus

Now here's a cactus that grows as big as a tree. Cowboy up and let your child imagine wild west adventure as he decorates this desert coloring page.
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Color a Joshua Tree

Colour a Joshua Tree

What does a Joshua Tree look like? Introduce your child to a desert plant of the southwest and Mojave Desert, with this nature coloring page!
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Finish the Drawing: Draw the Wanted Criminal!

Finish the Drawing: Draw the Wanted Criminal!

Have your child draw the wanted criminal in our finish-the-drawing worksheet. Your kid will stretch his creative and storytelling skills with our fun worksheet.
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Color Billy the Kid

Colour Billy the Kid

Some say Billy the Kid was a good-for-nothing troublemaker, others say he was misunderstood. Either way, colour him in!
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Color by Sum: Desert

Colour by Sum: Desert

Kids complete simple maths problems, then use the answers to colour by number and brighten the desert scene.
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Color Claret Cup Cactus

Colour Claret Cup Cactus

This Claret Cup Cactus coloring page will show that a cactus isn't just poky and green, some have flowers too!
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Color Davy Crockett

Colour Davy Crockett

Colour in this picture of Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier!
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Color by Letter: Capital and Lowercase C

Colour by Letter: Capital and Lowercase C

This colour by letter year one reading worksheet features capital and lowercase C. Kids use a key to colour the page and reveal a hidden cactus picture.
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Color an Agave

Colour an Agave

This agave plant coloring page will pique your child's curiosity about nature. He'll enjoy adding colour to the agave plant and it's surroundings.
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Finish the Drawing: Who

Finish the Drawing: Who

Who would play cards with a cowboy? It's up to your child to decide in this finish-the-drawing worksheet.
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Color Prickly Pear Cactus!

Colour Prickly Pear Cactus!

This coloring page of the prickly pear cactus is a fun way to introduce your child to a desert dwelling plant that's found all over the world!
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Color the Jumping Cowboy

Colour the Jumping Cowboy

Does your child dream of being a cowboy? This coloring page is just for him!
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