9 Homemade Crafts

Check out these nine great project ideas you can make at home. They're sure to be fun for everyone!

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How to Make a Cork Trivet

Discover the science behind materials that absorb heat, and materials that don't, by constructing this cork trivet for your dinner table.
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Homemade Sidewalk Chalk

What could be more fun than doing sidewalk art? How about making your own colored sidewalk chalk!
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Homemade Perfume

This easy-to-make perfume powder will keep your kid smelling fresh and clean. Got a birthday or special occasion coming up? It also makes a great gift!
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Make Homemade Glue!

This surprisingly good glue recipe comes from common kitchen items.
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How to Make a Sit-Upon

Want to reuse materials that would otherwise get tossed in the trash? Show your third grader how to get crafty with old newspaper and fabric.
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Eye Mask

This craft, a perfect pre-bedtime activity for a first sleepover, helps build up a tonne of useful skills, like geometry, measurement, and basic sewing skills.
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Handmade Doll

Make a homemade doll out of recycled materials, similar to dolls made by pioneer children.
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Sew an Herbal Dream Pillow

By using a tapestry needle, double-sided tape and a stitch guide, this activity helps make sewing more accessible to a beginner.
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