Syllable practise: colour by Syllables

Tired of coloring by number? How about coloring by the number of syllables in a word? Help your kid get comfortable with the concept of syllables with these worksheets.

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Syllable Practice Worksheet

Syllable practise Worksheet

This syllable worksheet guides children through syllable counting practise. This syllable worksheet presents learning in a fun way, with coloring and pictures.
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Syllable Practice: Count the Syllables

Syllable practise: Count the Syllables

Count the number of syllables in each of the words listed then write down each word in alphabetical order in the correct column.
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Syllable Practice: Syllables with the Silent E

Syllable practise: Syllables with the Silent E

In this worksheet, children will work with syllables in words with the VCE pattern, or Vowel, Consonant, Silent E pattern.
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