These fun phonics activities are perfect for kids who want to keep learning through summer vacation. Enjoy these worksheets and games that help kids sound out words, rhyme, and spell.

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Phonics Scavenger Hunt!

Play a phonics scavenger hunt no matter where you are. This game will have your child sounding out words and finding letter sounds in the objects around her.
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Bug Phonics

What kind of bug doesn't know how to spell its own name? Have your little critter practise phonics by saying each name aloud.
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Play with Words: A Pretend Bakery Game

Does your child love pretend and need practise with letters and the sounds they make? Get cooking! This activity is fun and builds key reading skills, too.
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Fourth of July Words

Help your child stay sharp over summer break with this 4th of July words worksheet on vowels.
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Write the Missing Letter: Sports Fun

This sporty worksheet is a great way for your kindergartener to practise identifying beginning sounds and writing lowercase letters.
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Play Letter-Sound Hopscotch!

Play hopscotch with numbers, but also with letters, to get kids ready for year two reading.
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Play Phonics Games

Help your child practise phonetic skills at home with fun online games! Brainzy, our imaginative maths and reading games for young learners, helps kids practise key reading skills with delightful characters, catchy songs, and original stories. Try it free.

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Sound it Out

In each group, one word doesn't sound like the others. When your child sounds words out, he's teaching himself the building blocks of spelling and reading!
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Short Vowel Sounds Rhyming

Anne the ant needs some help to make it across the pond. Can your child find the rhyming short vowels and give her a hand?
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Finding the Letter F

Here's a fresh, fast, effective and fun way to learn the letter F. Sound out the words, colour in the ones that start with F, and reveal a fantastic finding!
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Bowling for Phonics

Help your first grader gain new reading skills in this fun, homemade phonics game that the whole family can enjoy!
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