8 Fairy Tale Activities for Your Child's Inner (and Outer!) Princess

Here are our favorite activities with a fairy tale twist - all devoted to the beloved character that is the "Fairy Tale Princess."

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Craft a Magic Fairy Wand

Craft a sparkling magic wand and let your child pretend she's a fairy, wizard, or magician!
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Magic Wand Craft

From wizards to fairy godmothers, a magic wand is an essential element to any magical tale. Help your child make one of her own with simple craft supplies.
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Host a Royal Ball!

Host a royal party full of "please and thank you" - even the queen would approve. Have a ball while your kids practise etiquette!
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Construct a Kid Size Cardboard Castle

Help your little builder move up in the world with this recycled cardboard castle that's just the right size for a young king and his loyal stuffed subjects.
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Unicorn Craft

This recycled craft makes a great addition to the dress-up box and is a two-in-one activity and party favor for princess-themed birthday parties.
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Make a Sparkly Pipe Cleaner Crown

Is your princess missing a crown? Look no further: grab a few sparkly pipe cleaners and twist for a crown that's half jewelry, half sculpture, and 100% shine.
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Rewrite the Fairy Tale Ending

What happens after the prince and the princess get married? This writing activity allows your child to answer that question for herself.
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Craft Cute Clothespin Dolls

Use simple items like clothespins and yarn to craft these adorable little dolls. They're fun to make and even more fun to play with!
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