7 Activities About Yourself and Your Surroundings

These activities will have your kid thinking deep about himself and learning about the outside world.

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Make a 'Mood metre' Sign

Make a colour coded "mood metre" with your kindergartener to help her recognise and tell her feelings while building reading and writing skills.
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Create a 'Wants and Needs' Poster

Help your child discover the difference between his wants and needs using this poster.
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Cartography for Kids

Expand your child's geographic awareness with these fun and easy map lessons.
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Your Nose Knows! Have Fun with Smell Science

Help your year one scientist predict and observe as she explores the science of smell...and have a great time doing it, too.
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Play Vocab-Building Improv!

Improve your kindergartener's vocabulary with this fun, quick, and simple improvisation activity! He'll love acting while practising directionality words.
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Talk on the Phone!

Help your kindergartener learn to manage a telephone with this homemade keyboard that also helps kids practise letters and numbers.
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Button Buzzer

Teach your child how to make her own buzzer using only a button and a string.
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