Metric Measuring

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Metric Measuring

Metric Measuring

Introduce your fifth grader to the metric system with this Halloween-themed worksheet full of tricky measurement conversions.
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Metric Math: Bobbing for Apples

Metric maths: Bobbing for Apples

Take a dive into a barrel of fall fun as you let your fifth grader get some valuable metric system practise.
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Metric Math: Witch Potion

Metric maths: Witch Potion

Do some metric maths and help this witch convert ounces and pounds to grams and kilograms, or else her potion won't be ready in time for Halloween night.
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Metric Math: Graveyard Temperature

Metric maths: Graveyard Temperature

Use your powers of conversion to calculate the temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit in this Halloween-themed worksheet.
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Metric Math: Trick or Treat?

Metric maths: Trick or Treat?

Can you help Johnny sort out the meters from the centimeters and the kilometers from the millimeters?
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