Maths Stories

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Math Stories

Maths Stories

Use the fairy tale of the princess and the frog to teach basic subtraction to your preschooler!
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Bean Math

Bean maths

Poor Jack. He's traded in his cow for a handful of magical beans, but he can't seem to add them up.
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Monkey Math

Monkey maths

Let your preschooler dive into this adorable maths worksheet that may just remind her of her favorite storybook.
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Apple Math

Apple maths

Do some apple maths with your child. Invite your preschooler to a storybook land of brightly colored illustrations and apple maths perfect for her skill level.
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Princess Math

Princess maths

Is your preschooler a princess in disguise or a knight on a quest? Either way, encourage fantastical imaginations with this maths story about a tired princess.
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Goat Math

Goat maths

These billy goats are in for a tough time -- the bridge they need to cross is guarded by a green, scary troll!
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Duck Math

Duck maths

Can your preschooler count the ducks as they float down the river in this storybook tale? Teach your child basic addition with this sweet and simplified story.
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Pig Math

Pig maths

Teach your little one basic maths with a familiar story about little pigs and a cranky wolf. Can your preschooler add up all the pigs in this tale?
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Pumpkin Math

Pumpkin maths

Get in the fall spirit with this simple subtraction problem perfect for the young mathematician in your life.
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Cinderella Math

Cinderella maths

Slip a bit of subtraction practise into this classic fairy tale with Cinderella maths!
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