10 Ways to Celebrate National Inventors Month

Spark creativity in your inventor with these activities to celebrate National Inventors Month.

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Build a Pyramid Parachute!

It's a paper parachute brigade! Learn how to build your own parachute, and learn how the parachute was invented over 500 years ago.
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Create a Collagraph

Kids get creative as they experiment with fabrics and textures to create their very own collagraphs.
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How to Make Peanut Butter

Help kids tap into their inner inventor by teaching them how to make peanut butter through trial, error, and lots of taste testing!
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Create an Invention!

Help your child create her very own invention just like Leonardo da Vinci as she develops her critical thinking skills and lets her imagination soar!
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Invent Your Own Chore Helper!

Help your child to invent her own chore-helper to help her put that growing imagination to good use!
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National Treasures: The Wright Brothers' Flyer

In a world without airplanes, The Wright Brothers flew in the face of science, so to speak, and invented the first modern airplane.
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History of the Helicopter

Take flight with this ode to inventors! See the history of the helicopter, from its conception in ancient China to the modern vehicle it is today.
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History of Submarines

Submerge yourself in the fascinating history of submarines! Your little inventor will get a taste of the early stages of this important technology.
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