9 Fantastic Homemade Arts Supplies

Running low on supplies with no time to run to the store? Looking for a safer alternative for you child to play with? Try these fun homemade recipes!

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Why spend money on fingerpaint when you can make your own? With this recipe, you can stew up your kid's favorite colors right in your kitchen.
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Face Paint

Homemade face paint is a safe and economical way to jazz up your Halloween costume. Even better, this easy-to-make face paint requires just three ingredients!
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Snow Paint

Wishing for snow? If the weather refuses to cooperate, take charge and make your own snow in this fun painting activity!
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Ever wonder where paint comes from? This recipe works well with preschoolers because of its consistency and its natural nontoxicity.
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No-Cook Play Dough

Here's a quick and easy recipe for homemade play dough that doesn't involve any cooking! This bright and colorful modeling clay makes a great instant toy!
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Edible Play Dough

Make an edible play dough with your child to help her develop her sensory and motor skills.
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Playful Clay

Kids love making shapes with Play-Doh, so they'll love creating their own colorful playful clay!
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Beads: 3 New Types of Fun

Here are 3 inexpensive ways for kids to make their own beads, from scratch.
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