Get Wet!

What else is summer good for if you can't have a little fun with some water? Getting wet and having some fun doesn't mean the learning has to be put on hold. With homemade bubbles, water story cards, and a water relay your child will soak up the summer with a week's worth of wet activities that keep the learning flowing.

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Play Water Freeze Tag

This twist on the classic game of freeze tag spells fun for your fourth grader--and the whole family!
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Homemade Fizzy Water

Here's a fun science experiment that's refreshingly tasty too! Turn regular water into a tasty treat perfect for consuming on a hot day.
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Make a Water Well

Here's a simple science activity that will help your child better understand how wells bring us water.
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An Ice Experiment with THE CAT IN THE HAT

Not all water is liquid. Use this activity from PBS KIDS' The Cat in the Hat Knows All About That! to develop observation and writing skills.
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Homemade Slip and Slide

Looking for hot weather fun? Cool the kids down with a homemade slip and slide! You can create your own water park atmosphere for just a few bucks.
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Arthur's Water Experiment

Here's your chance to get wet! Learn about water displacement with this activity from PBS KIDS' Arthur Based on the Aesop's fable, "The Crow and the Pitcher." Click here to get started.

Fill Your Bucket

Combat summer boredom with this easy and fun game. Race against each other to see who can fill their bucket the fastest using leaky cups!
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Build Writing Muscles with a Water Relay

Does your child have trouble holding a pencil? Is writing an excruciating task? The key is to build up those hand muscles! This water relay race can help.
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Homemade Bubbles

Do a little kitchen chemistry as you make your own bubble solution and bubble-wand shapes!
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Water Story Cards

Animate an aquatic tale with these ready-to-print story cards! Use the cards to help you spin your tale.
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Friendly Physics: Make a Water Wheel

This simple "how to make a water wheel" activity makes physics come alive for your child by demonstrating how different kinds of energy work.
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Fish Maze

This curly-wurly,fish maze will entertain any child on a long car ride.
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Reading Activities for Bath Time!

Next time, make bath time learning time with these literacy building tips from PBS Parents. Click here for ideas.

Summer Reading Essentials

Looking for more summer reading ideas? We've picked the best of the best of our most popular workbooks for every grade to help you make the most of your kid's summer. Avoid the summer slide and spark your child's imagination with our picks. Check them out here!

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You and your kids can Go! Go! Go! on an adventure anytime with PBS KIDS’ The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That!

Image Credit: Courtesy of Series copyright 2013, CITH Productions, Inc. and Red Hat Animation, Limited. Underlying characters copyright 1957, 1985 Dr. Seuss Enterprises, L.P.

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