8 World Dishes

Try these fun recipes to experience other cultures and places!

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Hamantaschen Recipe

Introduce your child to baking with traditional Hamantaschen, or jam-filled buttery cookies that are usually made for Purim.
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How to Make Rice Balls

Learn how to make onigiri, a popular Japanese snack.
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Make Badam Sharbat for Ramadan

In Muslim culture, the ninth month of the calendar year is a celebration called Ramadan. Make badam sharbat, a traditional drink made during Ramadan!
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Make Slow Cooked Corned Beef and Cabbage

A St. Patrick's Day staple, corned beef and cabbage is a delicious way to celebrate the holiday and introduce your fourth grader to the kitchen.
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Make Mexican Wedding Cookies

Introduce your fourth grader to the deliciousness that can come out of the kitchen by helping him make these sugary traditional Mexican cookies, or biscochitos.
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Apple Barley Pudding

Your child can learn more about traditional Irish cooking this St. Patrickâs Day by making some apple barley pudding â a real tasty treat!
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Chinese Dumpling Recipe

Cook these dumplings with your kids to ring in the Chinese New Year or any day you're craving tasty homemade food!
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