8 Fun Pool Games

When the hot weather hits, head out to the pool and try some of these great games!

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Snake Tag: A Great Game for the Pool

Are you looking to entertain your child and a large group of his friends? Try out Chain Tag. The more players you have, the more fun the game becomes!
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Pool Obstacle Course

Here's a guide to help you design a challenging pool obstacle course for your elementary school children with ordinary pool toys and household objects.
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Play Aqua Golf

What do a pool, a raft and a golf club have in common? They are all integral ingredients in the fun game of Aqua Golf, a great activity for kids of all ages.
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Steal the Bacon

Are you looking for a fun pool game that doesn't require a lot of heavy accessories? Try Steal the Bacon, a creative form of tag your child is sure to love.
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Play Pool Basketball

What do you get when you cross a pool, water balloons and hula hoops? Pool Basketball, an exciting summer game perfect for kids of all ages.
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Cruise Ship: A Pool Relay

Challenge your child to an exciting race across the pool and engage them in a game of Cruise Ship. Grab some plastic figures, hop in the pool, and you're set.
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Play Seahorse Toss

Bring the fun carnival game of ring toss to your home pool with this watery twist on the classic game.
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Rope Rush: Raft Race for the Pool

Grab some rope and a couple of rafts and you're ready to play Rope Rush, an exciting race game for the pool!
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