8 Great Games for year five

Try out these games for some extra fun with your fourth grader!

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Sneaky Sneaky

Are you sneaky, sneaky? You'll have to be when your play this fun game involving squirt guns and blindfolds that'll test your child's stealth.
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Crab Soccer!

Invite your child and a few friends to get crabby in this game of soccer with a twist: Instead of running, players "crab crawl" around the playing field.
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Explore Memory Pathways

Improve your child's memory, focus, and concentration with this outdoor group memory game. For year 5, year 6, and intermediate age children.
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Play Tip It!

Play Tip It, a silly and rowdy game that kids love!
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Human Pinball

The next time you're trapped indoors on a dreary day, try this take on dodgeball. All you need are a group of kids, an open area and a soft, spongy ball.
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Geography Travel Game

Next time you're headed out on the road with your fourth grader, try this alphabet-geography game that the whole family can play.
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Guess the Distance: A Car Game

Here's a fun car game for you: Blind Distance. Blind Distance is a great way to bond with your child and teacher her about depth perception at the same time.
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Play Drop Catch

Develop your child's hand-eye coordination in a fun and engaging way by challenging her to a game of Drop Catch.
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