Goodies to Learn: 9 Educational Treats

Here are some fun ways to make snack time and meals educational and tasty to boot!

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Apple Slice Science

Apple slices can turn brown, but when they are coated with lemon juice the acid keeps the apples fresh. Here's how to help your preschooler experiment:
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Snack Counting Game

Here's a tasty way to give your child some counting practise.
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Outside Oven

In this activity, you child will learn about how heat changes food. On the next sunny day, head outdoors to make a treat in an outside oven! Here's how:
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Yeast Bread

Try this arts and crafts activity with your preschooler: make bread from yeast dough to teach her about the science behind bread baking.
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Chocolate Chip Shape Cookies

Have fun with the kids by "shaping up" your standard chocolate chip cookie recipe, and teach kids about sorting and shapes while you're at it.
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Sweet Raisin Numbers

Here's an easy activity that will help your preschooler improve his number recognition and maths skills while satisfying his afternoon hunger.
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Abacus Waffles

Here's an easy activity for your preschooler or kindergartener: use waffles and fresh fruit to give your child hands-on practise with patterning and numbers.
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Alphabet Pancakes

This activity is a fun way to fill up his tummy and spend time together creating edible lessons in the kitchen.
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