Appetizing Activities: 8 Edible Crafts

Forget the rules and play with your food with these tasty activities!

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Create a Gumdrop Topiary

Here's a fun maths-oriented arts and crafts activity for your kindergarten or year one child: create a gumdrop topiary and practise counting along the way.
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President's Day Treats

Celebrate President's Day with your kindergartener by building a delicious presidential snack: a banana log cabin!
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Make a Hershey's Kiss Christmas Tree

Help your child practise her counting as she makes this fun and festive holiday decoration!
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Make Chocolate Clay

Make a batch of chocolate clay to teach kids the art of molding and sculpting. Working with their hands has never been this much fun.
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Make Edible Dreidels

Make these edible dreidels out of marshmallows, pretzels and chocolate chips for Hanukkah.
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Construct Little Log Buildings Snacks

Let your preschooler play with her food by making snack logs out of celery, peanut butter and corn flakes.
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Mashed Potato Snowman

Try this year one arts and crafts activity and sneak in a little extra nutrition this holiday season: make a mashed potato snowman sculpture!
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Make a Gingerbread Milk Carton House

Make a gingerbread house with your kid with this tutorial. Learn how to make a gingerbread house using a milk carton, graham crackers, and frosting.
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