DIY Back to School Supplies

Bring creativity back to school with this assortment of school supply crafts, perfect for prepping your 1st grader on her big day!

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Make a School Notes Clip Magnet

Get into the back-to-school spirit with this clip magnet that'll make sure your first grader never loses his important school papers again!
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Pencil Topper Craft

This colorful foam pencil topper will glam up any boring pencil and is guaranteed to add personality to any pencil case!
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Create an Illustrated Bookmark

Support your first grader's interest in reading with this decorative bookmark that illustrates a favorite scene from a loved book.
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School Supplies

Cut back on the cost of back to school supplies with these awesome cheat sheets. Your child will be armed with everything from grid paper to rulers!
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Back to School Calendar

Get your child organized this back to school season! She'll be able to use this calendar project planner to help her tackle any task teacher throws her way.
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Create a Classroom Pop-Up Book

Make going back to school fun with this surprising pop up book, perfect for first graders!
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Decorate Some Ruby Sneakers

Spruce up some sneakers that have seen better days by turning them into a sparkly dress-up staple.
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Spot the Difference: Back to School

Here's a fun way to pass the time on a road trip, while waiting at the doctor's office, or justf for fun. Find all 12 differences in these pictures?
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