All About America: 8 Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Homeland

Geography and arts with a dash of history: What more could your patriotic kid want?

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Map My Ancestors

This family project is a fun way to teach your child about her heritage and practise her geography.
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Make Colonial Rose and Honey Butters

Combine art, history and food with this unique project! Your child will make her own butters, and learn a little about Colonial history at the same time
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Homemade Coins

Your second grader can honor two renowned U.S. Presidents--Abraham Lincoln and George Washington--by crafting larger-than-life pennies and quarters!
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Create a Texture Map

Your child can create an interactive map of his neighbourhood focusing on the different textures he finds!
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Exercise Across America

Choose a destination and "race" your way there! This activity is a great for charting progress and motivation.
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Hand Print Family Treasure

With this activity, you'll create a family treasure...and reinforce social studies basics while you're at it!
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Make a Garland of Flags!

Make a garland of paper flags representing your child's favorite countries.
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Make a Patriotic Patchwork 'Quilt'

Strengthen maths and social studies skills with this beautiful patriotic placemat "quilt" project!
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