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How Has Climate Changed Over the Past 100 Years?

High School Science Science projects: How Has Climate Changed Over the Past 100 Years?

Research Questions:

  • Is there a measurable change in the world’s climate over the past 100 years?
  • To what may any change be attributed?
  • Do any areas of the world show more change than others?

We hear a lot about global climate change and things we can do to mitigate it. The purpose of this study is to determine empirically the actual change of the world’s climate over the past 100 years. It will also determine if any area of the world has had any more change than another, and infer the causes of climate change from this.


  • Internet or library resources documenting recorded temperatures in different areas of the world on specific dates throughout the last 100 years
  • Spreadsheet to document dates and temperatures

Experimental Procedure:

  1. Using documented temperatures (highs and lows on specific days each year), list all of the temperatures at your chosen locations, measuring every few years, and document on a spread sheet.
  2. Create a chart showing the temperature trends over the last century for your chosen world locations. Use different colors or other markers to distinguish between locations.
  3. Analyze the graphs and determine overall trends in weather patterns over the last hundred years.
  4. Decide whether the climate has been changing significantly and in which locations it has changed the most.
  5. Make observations and hypothesize the cause of any measured climate change.

Terms/Concepts:Climate change and its causes, hypothesize, organizing data using a spreadsheet, graphing techniques

Author: Leah Wood
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