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Sub Plans for year five

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  • Planning for a substitute in the classroom has never been easier than with this week-long sub packet! Students will hit a home run in reading comprehension and grammar review with two baseball themed narratives: Casey at the BatAnd Girl Wonder. Reinforcing basic multiplication skills is the emphasis in maths as they interact with their peers and practise their maths facts with some fun baseball related games and worksheets. Students will also focus on directions: reading them, writing them, and following them!
  • In this week, students will be able to:
    • Examine a poem narrative and answer comprehension questions.
    • Compare and contrast two narratives on the same theme.
    • Follow, give, and write directions that are clear and purposeful.
    • Identify adjectives in sentences.
    • Determine the meaning of words using context clues.
    • Review their maths facts through a series of games and activities with their peers.
    • Solve maths puzzles using clues and peer discussion.
    • Use chronology to complete a non-fiction timeline.
    • Complete a story that contains missing parts.

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  • In general, this week-long packet breaks down into this approximate time frame each day:
    • Two to three hours of literacy
    • One hour of maths
    • One hour of connected content (social studies and/or science)
    • Thirty minutes of art, movement, or fun

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