August 14, 2019
By Lily Jones

Lesson plan

Sub Plans for year two

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  • In this week, students will be able to:
    • Expand their knowledge of butterflies, ocean animals, alligators, and other creatures.
    • Connect ideas about animals through classic stories like Cat in the Hat, Three Little Pigs, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
    • Gather information from fictional and nonfiction sources and answer questions.
    • Conduct research with support to write poems, informative sentences, and a narrative about a fictional animal.
    • Add, subtract, and compare numbers with animal visuals as support.
    • Use imaginary storytelling and art to explore ideas about animals and their habitats,
    • Work with integrated social studies and science content in the form of literacy lessons.

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  • In general, this week-long packet breaks down into this approximate time frame each day:
    • Two to three hours of literacy
    • One hour of maths
    • One hour of connected content (social studies and/or science)
    • Thirty minutes of art, movement, or fun

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