June 19, 2019
By Meena Srinivasan

Lesson plan

Special Talents

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Students will be able to identify and share their special talents.

(10 minutes)
  • Place sample images of people using their talents around the room, or project images on the board.
  • Ask students to complete a gallery walk (in which they walk around the room and look at the images).
  • Bring everyone back together. Ask, "What did you notice about the images? What do you wonder? Is there a common theme in all the images?"
  • Explain that all of the people in the pictures were creating something or expressing their unique talents.
  • Ask, "What are some talents you saw around the room? Are some talents better than others?"
  • Discuss how each person is unique and has talents in their life. (Sometimes you aren't even aware of them!) Explain that there are many different kinds of special talents. Being a good listener, understanding others, or sharing kindness can all be special talents, too. Talents can be simple or complex.
(5 minutes)
  • Explain to students that they will be creating a collage using magazine clippings and photos (or drawing pictures) to highlight and describe their own unique talents.
  • Ask them to take a moment and think of at least one talent they have. Pause to allow them time to think.
  • Then, ask them to share their talent with a partner.
  • Ask if anyone would like to share their talent with the class.
  • Show students the sample collage board of talents (made by the teacher).
  • Explain that they will be drawing or cutting out pictures that describe them and their gifts.
  • Ask if they have any questions.
(5 minutes)
  • Brainstorm all of your unique talents on the board to model the importance of brainstorming when beginning this process.
  • Then, show students how you placed pictures on the sample collage.
(25 minutes)
  • Ask students to return to their seats and complete the My Special Talents worksheet, which includes brainstorming and creating their collages.

Enrichment:If they finish their collage early, students may write about a time they used their talents to help others.

Support:Some students may find it helpful to be given a collage that has separate categories listed, such as academics, social, and personal talents. You may also work in a small group with students who find this activity more challenging.

(5 minutes)
  • Observe students during the independent working time. You may also collect their worksheets to check their understanding.
(5 minutes)
  • After all students have completed the worksheet, ask for volunteers to come up and show their collages to the class.
  • Ask students how they felt when completing the worksheet and activity.
  • Ask if they have any questions.
  • Explain to the class that their collages will be placed on a bulletin board to showcase the classroom talents.
  • Ask, "How might it be helpful to be aware of our talents? What will you think of when you look at the classroom collage of talents?"

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