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Independent Study: year three

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  • Preparing for students' time away from the classroom has never been easier than with this independent study packet! You can help your students keep their skills sharp by using these worksheets and activities.
  • In this independent study packet, students will be able to:
    • Answer independent reading questions about a chosen book through writing
    • Answer questions involving the 5 W's
    • Determine the main idea of a nonfiction text
    • Demonstrate their understanding of fictional texts
    • Think critically to show understanding of setting, characters, and genre
    • Figure out if statements are true or false
    • Tell time to the nearest five minutes
    • Fluently add and subtract within 100
    • Solve story problems involving money
    • Think creatively to write captions to match illustrations
    • Interview a chosen adult about their career
    • Discover the life cycle of a plant
    • Explore solids, liquids, and gasses
Independent Study Packet: Black and WhiteIndependent Study Packet: Color
  • CLICK on the image to download the full independent study packet.
  • Both colour and printer-friendly black-and-white versions of the independent study packets are available for download.
  • In general, this packet breaks down into this approximate collection of resources for the day:
    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Grammar practise
    • Maths
    • Social Studies or Science

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