June 1, 2019
By Meena Srinivasan

Lesson plan

Peace Corner

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Students will be able to understand the importance of peace corners, generate ideas about what they would like to place in their peace corner, and practise techniques, such as using a calm-down bottle and deep breaths/animals breaths.

(10 minutes)
  • Gather students into a circle, either seated in chairs or on the floor.
  • Ask students if they have a space at home where they go when they want space and an area to relax by themselves.
  • Ask them what they have in their space at home or in their bedroom.
  • Share with students that they will be creating a Peace cornerIn the classroom where students may go when they feel they need a break and a space to find calm.
  • Ask students what they would put in their peace corner. Follow up by asking what helps them find calm and what they could use and practise in their corners.
  • On chart paper or on the board, write down student ideas of what they would like to have in their peace corner.
(5 minutes)
  • Model for students how to use the peace corner. Show students how to set the sand timer for three minutes, practise breathing techniques, and use the calm-down bottle.
(5 minutes)
  • Ask three student volunteers to come up and show the class how to use the peace corner. Have the volunteers set the sand timer for three minutes, practise breathing techniques, and use the calm-down bottle.
(25 minutes)
  • Explain to students that they will go back to their seats and draw a picture of themselves using the tools listed on the board in their peace corner.
  • As students draw and colour at their seats, call 2–3 students at a time over to use the peace corner (set a timer for three minutes for each group at the peace corner).
  • Explain to students that their drawings will be placed up in the peace corner.

Enrichment: Offer advanced students a chance to create a picture book filled with words and drawings of things that bring them peace to place in the peace corner.

Support: Work one-on-one with students in the peace corner who may need additional support using the new space quietly and with care.

  • During the Independent Work time, observe students working on their drawings and using the peace corner. Pay attention to those that seem comfortable using the tools and those that may need extra support.
(5 minutes)
  • After all students have used the peace corner, gather the students together in a circle.
  • Ask them what it was like for them to use the peace corner and what the best way to use the corner would be.
  • Show students where the peace corner pass is located in the room and explain that when they feel they would like to use the corner, they will take the pass and give it to their teacher, then set the timer to use the corner for three minutes.
  • Note: Ideally students are gathering in a circle daily, but this can be adjusted if needed.

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