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Kindergarteners will love painting in the air, singing, and drawing as they learn how to read and spell the sight word “can.”
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Students will be able to identify and write the sight word “can”.

(5 minutes)
  • Begin by introducing (or reviewing) sight words. Sight wordsAre words that can be read by memory or sight. We use sight words all the time when reading and writing. We can sound out some sight words, while others we need to remember because they have tricky letter combinations.
  • Ask your students if they know any sight words already (a, I, we, mom, dad, etc.)
  • Explain that today we will be practising with the sight word, “can.”
(10 minutes)
  • Write the word “can” on the whiteboard in large block letters.
  • Start with a short song. Sing or say, “C-A-N, I can spell can, C-A-N, I can spell can!”
  • Have students repeat after you in a whisper voice, then in a loud voice.
  • Tell students to clap for each letter while they say, “C-A-N, I can spell can.”
  • Encourage your students to spell “can” by putting their fingers in the air and “air writing” the word. You can make this even more exciting by having them dip their fingers in invisible ink before writing in the air.
(5 minutes)
  • Ask your students to think about all of the things they can do.
  • Model a response by saying, “I can cook.” Ask your students what they can do.
  • Have students share with a partner something they can do. Have them finish the sentence, “I can ____.”
  • Share out what students can do. Record their responses on the whiteboard or chart paper.
(15 minutes)
  • Pass out the I can! worksheet to each student and have students complete their page by tracing the letters and finishing the sentence by drawing a picture.
  • Enrichment: More advanced students can write an additional page using the sight word “and” and the sentences, “I can… and I can…”.

  • Support: Have struggling students use an index card with the letters C-A-N to practise reading and writing the sight word.
(5 minutes)
  • Students should trade their finished page with a friend and read their friends’ “I can…” sentence.
  • Collect the finished pages and assess if students were able to draw an action or activity that they can do.
(5 minutes)
  • Gather students together and read the completed “I can…” book.
  • Practise spelling “can” with the class and add the sight word to your classroom word wall.

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