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Next Level Functions

Take function tables to the next level when you teach your students to generate and plot ordered pairs.
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Students will be able to generate ordered pairs from a function table, and will plot the ordered pairs on a coordinate plane.

(10 minutes)
  • Hand out the Funky Function Tables and have students complete it as a warm up to review basic function tables (input-output tables). Go over the warm up as a class.
  • Remind students that a Function tableIs a t-chart that shows a pattern. The patterns in function tables follow a rule called the Function rule. Point out an example of a function rule on the warm-up page.
  • Tell students that today we are going to use function tables to make graphs.
(10 minutes)
  • Display the Blank Function Tables and Coordinate Planes worksheet and fill in a blank function table. Point out that the variables x and y represent input and output.
  • Write a function rule (y = 2x) and explain that the function rule indicates that you should multiply the input (x) by two to get the output (y).
  • Fill out the function table starting with (1,2).
  • In the spaces provided, write an ordered pair for the first row of the function table (1,2). Explain that an Ordered pairIs a set of two numbers that represents a point on a graph, where the first number shows the value of x, and the second number shows the value of y. Show students that when writing an ordered pair, they should write them in parenthesis with a comma between numbers.
  • Label the OriginAnd explain that it is the zero where the x and y axis meet and it is where you start when plotting a point.
  • Plot the point (1,4) on the coordinate plane, pointing out the x and y axis that match up with the variables x and y from the function table.
  • Write the ordered pairs for the remaining rows and then plot each point. Connect the points with a line and label the line with the function rule (y = 2x).
(10 minutes)
  • Hand out a blank function table and coordinate plane to each student (students will only need one function table and plane, so the worksheet can be cut in half).
  • Lead students through an example. Use a projector to display and fill out the function table and rule as students copy. Then ask for student input to write ordered pairs using the completed function table.
  • Show students how to plot the first ordered pair. Then instruct students to try plotting the remaining ordered pairs on their own.
(15 minutes)
  • Hand out the Graph it! Ordered Pairs worksheet and have students to complete it independently.
  • Circulate and offer support as needed.


  • Provide partially completed coordinate planes for students to complete.
  • Provide practise reading a coordinate plane, in which student identify given ordered pairs. See suggested media for additional resources.


  • Have students fill in blank function tables using a given rule before generating and plotting ordered pairs. See suggested media for additional resources.
(10 minutes)
  • Give each student a sticky note with a pre-written ordered pair. Then invite students to come plot their point on a common coordinate plane, labeling the point with their name and ordered pair.
(5 minutes)

Show the What’s the Point? video to review.

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