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Independent Study: year one

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  • Preparing for students' time away from the classroom has never been easier than with this independent study packet! You can help your students keep their skills sharp by using these worksheets and activities.
  • In this independent study packet, students will be able to:
    • Put events in order when writing a short personal narrative
    • Solve addition problems within 5
    • Respond to creative writing prompts
    • Write a persuasive sentence
    • Identify and trace numbers 1–20
    • Order numbers from 1–20
    • Categorize and name two-dimensional shapes
    • Spell and write common sight words
    • Extend and name shape patterns
    • Name and match objects by colour and shape
    • Label drawings using invented spelling
Independent Study Packet: Black and WhiteIndependent Study Packet: Color
  • CLICK on the image to download the full independent study packet.
  • In general, this packet breaks down into this approximate collection of resources for the day:
    • Reading: fiction and nonfiction texts, reading comprehension
    • Writing: persuasive, narrative, and response to reading
    • Maths: number identifiction, ordering numbers, addition within 5, recognizing and extending patterns, and 2D shapes
    • Other Fun Stuff: puzzles, colour recognition, and matching practise

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