August 8, 2015
By Ms. Cortney

Lesson plan

I Know My Numbers 1 to 100

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Students will be able to count to 100 by ones and by tens.

(5 minutes)
  • Tell your students that they will be counting from one to ten using fish snack crackers and ten to one hundred using fish flash cards.
(10 minutes)
  • Pass out 10 fish snack crackers and a placemat to each student.
  • Write the number one on the board and draw a simple fish.
  • Tell your students to follow along with you. Continue these steps for all numbers from one through ten.
(15 minutes)
  • Instruct your students to count their fish one by one until they reach 10.
  • Walk around, and check to make sure the students are completing the activity accurately.
  • After you have checked for comprehension, have students get in pairs or small groups.
  • Pass out the fish flash cards, and practise counting to 100 by multiples of 10.
  • Have your students go in order and practise with their partners.
(15 minutes)
  • Have the students go back to their seats.
  • Pass out paper to each student.
  • Have them write the number 1 and choose a visual representation of their choice and draw it.
  • Continue to have them follow your oral instructions and draw the numbers from one to ten.
  • Enrichment:Have students come up with ways to teach the maths concept to students who need extra support. Give them other manipulatives in the classroom, such as plastic bear counters.
  • Support:Give your students extra manipulatives to work with.
(5 minutes)
  • Collect the papers that the students drew on during independent working time.
  • Check to see if the students were able to accurately depict each of the numbers from one to ten.
(10 minutes)
  • Have 10 students come to the front of the class and stand in a row. Tell them that when you tap on their heads, they need to take a step forward.
  • Tap on one student and say one number at a time, going down the line until you get to the number 10.
  • Finally, practise counting to 100 in multiples of 10.

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