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Get Ready to Write!

In this lesson, students will begin getting ready to write by practising their prewriting skills. They will work on building fine motor strength, practising hand-eye coordination, and take part in sensory activities as well!
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Students will be able to practise pre-writing skills by gaining finger strength and creating horizontal and vertical lines.

(10 minutes)
Letters of the AlphabetCount and ColorFun with ShapesBack to SchoolTracing Vertical Lines
  • When the students enter the classroom, have a large piece of bulletin board paper hanging up. There should be a vertical dotted line going down for each student, and the student's name written under it.
  • When the students come in the classroom, instruct them to pick up a crayon and trace the line down to their name. This will serve was the attendance for the day.
  • Inform students that today they will be working on skills that will help them learn how to write.
(10 minutes)
  • Explain to students that they will be completing a variety of centers today that will help them build the skills they need to learn how to write.
  • Explain the following centers:
  • Centre 1: centre 1 is a beanbag toss. Students will be given beanbags and a large tub. To practise hand-eye coordination, they must toss the beanbag into the bucket!
  • Centre 2: centre 2 is a play dough centre. Students will be given a tub of play dough that has items such as pennies or small toys hidden within it. To build fine motor strength, students must use their fingers to dig through the play dough to retrieve the toys!
  • Centre 3: centre 3 is the messy centre! Students will be using shaving cream to try and create shapes, letters, and numbers. Set up laminated paper with the letters of the alphabet, numbers, and simple shapes to help your students along. Letters of the Alphabet, Count and colour, and Fun with Shapes can be used for this.
(30 minutes)
  • Now students will complete these centers. Walk around the classroom to help guide students through the centers. They should each have an opportunity to do every centre.
(5 minutes)
  • Have students complete the Back to School worksheet to practise drawing horizontal lines.
  • Enrichment:Move the beanbag tub further back for those who can throw further. For students who have mastered the horizontal lines, have them complete the Tracing Vertical Lines worksheet.
  • Support:For students who are uncomfortable using the shaving cream, allow them to first start creating shapes, numbers, and letters with a paintbrush. Then, slowly add shaving cream to their hands. It is soothing for many students to have the shaving cream squeezed off their hands. This may also help them become comfortable with it. Place larger objects in the play dough for those who have difficulty manipulating small objects in the play dough.
  • Allow students to play the game Bone CatcherAnd see how they do!
(5 minutes)
  • Give students a paper that has their name written in yellow highlighter. Hand students crayons and help them trace their name.
  • Explain that all the activities done today will help them to be able to write their names independently one day!

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