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So Many Things to Like!

Use this lesson plan to introduce students to the common sight word "like." This can be used as a stand-alone lesson or as support to the lesson I Like to Spell LIKE!
This lesson can be used as a pre-lesson for theI Like to Spell LIKE!Lesson plan.
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This lesson can be used as a pre-lesson for theI Like to Spell LIKE!Lesson plan.

Students will be able to read and write the word "like."


Students will be able to identify and use sight words with more complex spelling patterns when speaking and using sentence frames.

(2 minutes)
Things I LikeGlossary: So Many Things to Like!Vocabulary Cards: So Many Things to Like!Teach Background Knowledge TemplateWrite Student-Facing Language Objectives Reference
  • Display the set of objects you collected to the class.
  • Ask the students to identify the different objects and think about what they have in common, or how they are similar.
  • Explain that all of these are things you enjoy (I enjoy reading a book, playing a game, etc.)
  • Tell the class that today they will be learning how to read and write a new word and thinking about things that they like.
(3 minutes)
  • Write the word "like" on the board.
  • Have the class echo each of the letters in the word after you say them aloud.
  • Tell the class that this is the word "like" and it is a special word. It is called a sight word.
  • Provide a student-friendly definition of the sight word to the class.
(10 minutes)
  • Read aloud the book I Like Me!By Nancy Carlson.
  • As you read, encourage the students to read the word "like" aloud with you on each page.
  • Pause as you read to think aloud, noticing what the main character likes about herself.
  • Write vocabulary words from the story on the board as you read for students to reference.
(5 minutes)
  • Have each student close their eyes and think of something that they like about themselves.
  • Pair students up and have them finish the sentence, "I like ____About myself," with their partner.
  • Pass out a blank index card to each student and have them practise writing the word "like" on it.


  • Students can practise writing the sight word in sand or with paint.


  • Encourage the students to use the sight word "like" in additional sentences.
(10 minutes)
  • Pass out a pre-written sentence strip to each student and have them complete the sentence. Encourage students to use drawings as well as words to illustrate their work.
  • Collect students' work to assess whether they were able to use the word "like" accurately in a sentence.
(5 minutes)
  • Display student work and have students complete a gallery walk to read and learn about their fellow students.
  • Celebrate student learning by highlighting the things that make each student unique.

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