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A Tasty Pizza

What has cheese, toppings, and an engaging story time? This lesson, that's what! Young pizza fans will love this reading and re-enacting exercise.
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Students will be able to remember and re-enact the main events in a simple story.

(15 minutes)
Concept Strips (1)Concept Strips (2)Play Food: Pizza worksheet
  • Display the pizza to the class.
  • Ask your students about their favorite toppings and favorite occasions for eating pizza.
  • Hold up the "Knead" concept word card. Explain that to KneadSomething is to push and fold it with your hands.
  • Hold up the "Stretch" concept word card. Bring out the rubber band and StretchIt; explain that what you're doing is pulling it apart to make it bigger.
  • Hold up the "Layer" concept word card. Point out the different LayersOf a pizza: the dough, the sauce, the cheese, and the toppings.
  • Hold up the "Disappointed" concept word card. Explain that when someone feels Disappointed, they feel sad. Ask students to share things that have made them feel disappointed.
(40 minutes)
  • Read aloud Pete’s a PizzaBy William Steig.
  • Ask students if they think Pete ended up having fun even through it was raining outside.
  • Have them pretend that it's raining in the classroom, and they're disappointed because they can't go outside.
  • Begin a sing-along of "Rain, Rain, Go Away."
  • Tell the class that, like Pete, they'll turn into pizzas and have fun while it's raining.
  • Show the students your pretend pizza toppings, and pick a student to be the first pizza.
  • Ask the student to lay down on the floor and be the "dough." Have the other students pretend to knead her.
  • Remind the class of the layers of the pizza. The order of the next layers should be: sauce, cheese, then toppings.
  • Allow the others to take turns pouring "sauce," sprinkling "cheese," and putting various "toppings" onto her.
  • Once they've finished, pretend to put her into an oven. Wait a few seconds, then take her out.
  • Pretend to slice her up with your arm, and encourage her to run away like Pete did in the story.
  • Repeat this activity with different students, and continue until time is up.
(10 minutes)
  • Ask students to partner up and re-enact the story. They can take turns being Pete and his dad.
  • Allow them to use the props freely.
(10 minutes)
  • Have students clean up and regroup.
  • Distribute copies of the Play Food: Pizza worksheet.
  • Ask each student to put the pizza together, and encourage her to do so in the right order.
  • Enrichment:Have students who finish their assignments early draw their own pizza. Give them paper and colored pencils, and ask them to draw and colour in the layers in the proper order.
  • Support:If any students have trouble understanding the story, sit down with them and go over the story's main events.
(5 minutes)
  • To assess your students' comprehension of the story, listen to their comments as they re-enact it.
(10 minutes)
  • Have all the students go wash their hands.
  • Bring out the pizza you displayed earlier. Distribute napkins and plates of slices to the class.
  • During this snack time, ask some discussion questions to get students thinking about the lesson content. Some great things to ask are: What part of the story did you like best? What do you think Pete will do next time it rains?

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