July 28, 2015
By Natalie Chari

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A-E-I-O-U! Vowels Game

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Students will be able to identify vowels and distinguish between short and long vowel sounds.

(5 minutes)
  • Ask the students to tell you what the vowels of the alphabet are.
  • Write the vowels (A, E, I, O, U) on the board.
(15 minutes)
  • Tell the students that vowels have both short and long sounds. Sound out each short and long vowel sound.
  • Ask students for some examples of Short vowelWords (e.g. "apple" or "cat") and Long vowelWords (e.g. "cake" or "ape").
(20 minutes)
  • Play Red Light, Green Light with the phrase "A-E-I-O-U."
  • Choose one student and have her face the board. She will be the Catcher.
  • Others will be standing against the wall on the opposite side of the room.
  • Have the Catcher say "A-E-I-O-U" and turn around.
  • While the Catcher is saying "A-E-I-O-U," the other students must make their way towards the Catcher. They must freeze when the Catcher turns around.
  • Continue and repeat until someone taps the Catcher's back.
  • The minute she taps the Catcher, everyone must make their way and run back to the wall for safety.
  • The Catcher's job is to tag someone in order for her to be the next Catcher. If the Catcher tags someone, that person must assume the role of the Catcher and face the board.
(20 minutes)
  • Divide students into five different groups.
  • Assign a vowel to each group (A, E, I, O, and U).
  • Hand out the corresponding worksheet to each group.
  • The students have to work together and identify the short and long vowels.
  • Have the students present their completed work to the class.
  • Enrichment:For students above level, you can assign two or more worksheets for them to work on individually.
  • Support:For students below level, you can give them one-on-one assistance instead of having them work on their own or in groups.
(10 minutes)
  • Ask students to tell you the vowels.
  • Ask students to tell you the short and long sounds of the give vowels.
  • Ask students to give examples of short and long vowels.
  • Assess students' understanding based on their answers.
(5 minutes)
  • Ask students for other short and long vowel words that haven't been included in the worksheets.

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