When students learn the patterns and structures of words they become word wizards! They are able to more fluently convert a word from one part of speech to another, adjust the meaning, or translate a word from singular to plural (or vice versa). In this set of activities students will build on their knowledge of word structure and practise adding prefixes and suffixes, changing tenses and using contractions.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities.
Common Prefixes 3In this final exercise in the series, students will become adept at applying their knowledge of prefixes to forming new words and expanding their vocabulary.
Common Suffixes 3 Spelling will be a breeze for students after they complete their understanding of suffixes with this final exercise in the series.
Suffixes to Change an Adjective to an Adverb 2Students will be masters of using suffixes to modify adjectives and adverbs after this exercise.
Suffixes to Change an Adjective to a Noun 2 By the time students have finished this exercise, changing an adjective into a noun will be a piece of cake.
Suffixes to Change a Verb to a NounFor students still learning grammar, this exercise will be instrumental in teaching them how to use suffixes to change verbs into nouns.
Suffixes to Change Verb Tenses 2For students who are just learning about verb tenses, this exercises will show them how to modify tenses using suffixes.

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