Learning common constructions for words is one way that third graders can get traction on their spelling and reading comprehension skills. This guided lesson in word structure introduces kids to the idea that most words are made up of smaller words, and provides opportunities to apply this learning with practical examples. For more printable practise with word structure, check out our recommended worksheets.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities.
Root Words Students will understand just where their vocabulary words come from with this root words exercise.
Common Prefixes Make it easier for students to spell words by sharing common prefixes with them through this easy to understand exercise.
Common Suffixes 1 Along with understanding the root of words, this exercise will help students learn common suffixes tacked onto different words.
Singular PossessivesFinally some clear information on how to use the apostrophe properly, with this exercise on singular possessives.
Past Tense Verbs Students who complete this exercise will be able to say they learned about the different types of past tense verbs thanks to Education.com.
Adjectives with -er and -est Students do not have to be the fastest completing this exercise to understand adjectives better than ever before.

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