Sorting and Classifying

In year one, kids will learn all about sorting and classifying. This skill is a building block for maths and science concepts to come in the later grades. Knowing how to group numbers, for example, builds a key understanding of numerical concepts. This lesson focuses on sorting and classifying skills for kindergarteners, and comes complete with suggested worksheets for extended learning.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities.
Sorting Hats SongIt's so fun to sort and sing! Help this cute mouse sort his dress-up box of hats in the song about sorting and making groups.
Picnic Color Sorting

Have your kid help Roly and Tutu sort out and count the items they brought on their picnic. This game is a good way to test your kid's colour knowledge and his ability to sort and categorize different objects. He'll help wrap up the picnic by determining which blanket has more items, and become familiar with the concept of one number being "greater than" another by way of counting or matching of objects.

What Doesn't Belong? Quiz

Circle, circle, circle, arrow ... what doesn't belong? In this interactive categorization game, kids figure out what is the same about three of the things, and find the one that is different. Perfect for practising important sorting and categorization skills, this quiz helps children master foundational maths skills.

Find the Zany Zoo Objects

Whoa! There are some really unusual objects in that zoo. Encourage your child to examine this zoo scene and find all the things that don't belong. Perfect for teaching your child how to classify objects, this game will also help with the development of logic and reasoning abilities. What's more, she'll be honing her observational skills, which will serve her well both inside and outside the classroom.

Treasure Chest Match It!

Arrgh! Pirate Cuz-Cuz is looking for matching loot in his treasure chest, and he needs help finding the baubles that are exactly alike. Kids must find items in the treasure chest that look exactly the same ... but they have to hurry. The clock is ticking down, so don't let the chest snap shut before you find your prize.

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