The silent E makes a vowel says its name! Help your child remember this spelling pattern with these learning resources.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities.
Super E SongSuper E has the power! Learn how to change words in a single letter with the help of our hero, super E.
Long and Short Vowel SortThis long and short vowel sort will help your child sort out their understanding of letter sound relationships. This game challenges early readers to put all the pictures with a long vowel sound in one cart and all the pictures with a short vowel sound in the other cart. Targeted reading and writing practise is essential, especially for students in kindergarten and year one.
Silent E Bus Stop SpellingYour child will build bridges with the power of spelling in this build-your-own-word game. Silent E Bus Stop Spelling is perfect for year two or any student starting on letter sound relationships. Gamers will be given an image of a silent E word and an assortment of letters with which to spell it. Put the letters together to create a new bridge to get the gang to school on time.
Sight Words Match: Set 3Where could they be? Test your knowledge of sight words and your problem-solving skills in this fun memory match game.
Kate the BraveSilent E makes vowels say their names, and kids get plenty of practise with these long vowel words in this interactive story. Kate is quiet, but wants to use the Science Fair to build a Brave Box and break out of her shell. This sweet story is relatable to kids who are shy and looking to interact more with their peers, and will help readers practise identifying long vowel words with silent e.
Silent E Sentence MatchThe dog is on the hive ... or is it a hose? Help kids improve their reading fluency with this matching game. Perfect for early learners who need practise with silent e and sight words, this reading game challenges children to find the sentence that matches each picture. Kids will love the adorable (and sometimes silly) illustrations, and adults will love how much they're learning.

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