Vowels make more than one sound! Recognizing letters is a crucial skill for early readers. Recognizing the sounds they make is the next step. Help your child become a fluent reader and speaker with this short E lesson.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities
Short E Dot-to-Dot

Eh eh eh eh E! Bust a move with Floyd and Roly while listening to the short e sound in this silly rap video. In addition to learning this important phonics concept, kids will also practise counting as the complete a simple dot-to-dot exercise in the shape of an e.

Short E Match-Up
Muggo's a mad scientist...and his inventions run on vowels! In this wacky game, help him find words that start with the short E sound to power up his clone-making machine.
Short E Mud Hopper
Listen for the short E sound...then hop to it! Help this muddy monster find the words with the short E sound by clicking on the words that rhyme.
Short E Cloud Catcher
The sky is falling! Just kidding -- Tutu is catching clouds. Help her turn these rain clouds into rainbows by picking out words with the short E sound.
Short Vowel Sort

What short vowel do you hear? In this fun phonics game, kids help the Brainzy gang sort their books, each with a different short vowel word, in order to pack their backpacks for school. Kids compare words with the short o, short a, and short e sounds in this game, each with an image to give players support. This short vowel sort is the perfect way to help pre-readers become familiar with letter sounds.

The Little Red Hen
Who will help the Little Red Hen turn her wheat into a loaf of delicious bread? In this emergent reader version of the classic tale, kids can follow the Little Red Hen on her journey to turn a simple seed into bread. Featuring lively illustrations and silly narration, this interactive story is simple enough for kids to read by themselves, or listen along as it's read to them, learning short vowel sounds in the process.

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