Learning three-digit numbers can be a challenging part of the maths curriculum for many second graders. This lesson helps to support second graders' understanding of larger numbers by teaching them place value. Kids will compare three-digit numbers and learn to count up to 1000 with guided instruction. When the lesson is finished, consider printing out the corresponding worksheets recommended by our curriculum designers.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities.
Place Value Song

Breaking big numbers into hundreds, tens, and ones makes mathematical operations like addition and subtraction much easier. In this detective-themed song, kids will love learning about how to break down numbers by place value to make maths a whole lot simpler.

3-Digit Place Value BakingPlace value has never been so sweet! In this interactive maths game, second graders get practise with identifying three-digit numbers. This game has an oven divided into three sections representing hundreds, tens, and ones with a number displayed at the top. Children will then drag and drop yummy chocolate pieces to match the number. If they match it correctly, the oven closes and opens up with a chocolaty surprise. This is a fun and engaging way of introducing place value and three-digit numbers to young learners.
Speed Counting: 394 to 416How fast can you count? Kids help a woodpecker peck its way through blocks of wood in this speed counting game. Focusing on three-digit numbers, children practise starting at a specific digit and working their way up, moving from a number in the 300's to a number in the 400's. Perfect for practise counting big numbers, kids will want to play again and again to beat their score!
3-Digit Place Value MachineMuggo’s three-digit place value machine is broken and he needs you to help fix it by loading the correct number of computer chips. Great for year three maths students, kids will practise identifying three-digit numbers and creating visual representations by loading blocks of hundreds, tens, and ones to match the number displayed. This machine-themed maths game is a creative way for kids to hone their skills around place value and three-digit numbers.
Number Hold'em 2Make no bones about it – understanding and using 3-digit numbers can be a bit confusing for a second grader. While this drag and drop card game is the opposite of giving a dog a bone, students will learn how to compare large numbers through a match up against Floyd the Dog. After a student correctly assembles a 3-digit number larger than Floyd’s, they win one of his bones.
2-Digit Addition Game ShowDoes your child have what it takes to compete on this quiz show? Step right up and solve some two-digit addition problems in I Got Your Number! This 2-digit addition game show puts second graders' addition skills to the test by having them listen to to two-digit addition problems rather than reading them. Then they'll locate the answer on the board, and the audience will let them know if they won!
Less Than or Greater Than: 100 to 999Three-digit numbers are popping up at the swamp, and the gators need help comparing them! Kids use alligator symbols to compare numbers in this silly game. This interactive maths game helps learners work on the concepts of greater than, less than, and equal to, all while using colorful animation to help reinforce the proper symbols for comparing two numbers.
Ski Racer: Even NumbersGo for the gold! Help your child build number sense skills by quickly identifying even numbers in the fun-filled maths game Ski Racer: Even Numbers. Second graders will use their knowledge of odd and even number patterns to pick out the correct numbers in order to move their avatar down the slope and across the finish line.
Ski Racer: Odd NumbersGet ready to go for the gold in the educational maths adventure Ski Racer: Odd Numbers! In this fast-moving game, second graders build number sense skills and brush up on odd and even number patterns by selecting the odd number for their avatar to jump. The quicker they get to the correct answer, the faster their character makes it down the mountain and over the finish line!
Odd and Even Numbers Cloud CatcherOdd and even numbers take centre stage in this high-flying cloud catcher game where children help Tutu turn clouds into rainbows! Learners will listen to each prompt and select all of the odd or even- numbered clouds as they float by, As they play, second graders will learn to recognise odd and even number patterns. This activity will also help your child with tackling whole number operations.

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