In this lesson, kindergarteners will be given the chance to focus on their counting skills with engaging exercises and guided instruction. Just as identifying the letters of the alphabet is a precurser to reading, so is counting to developing maths fluency. Soon, your child will learn that the numbers they are counting have associated values, so the more practise they can get with counting the better.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities
Pet Shop Counting Song
How many puppies, kittens, and bunnies are at the pet shop? Kids learn all about one-to-one correspondence with adorable animals in this catchy counting song. Early learners won't be able to get this ditty out of their heads, successfully retaining important number names and the count sequence.
Numbers Memory Match

Match 'em up! Kids can improve their number recognition skills with this educational take on a classic card game. Some cards have a certain number of cute animals, and other cards have numbers. Your kid must flip over two cards that go together, using memory and concentration while getting practise with number concepts. 

Counting Pizza Party

Sure eating pizza is great, but it's even more exciting to make your own, and in this game your kid will do just that. First he'll decide what kind of pizza he wants to make. As far as toppings go, your kid will be able to put together some pretty unconventional pies if he so chooses. Then he'll count out and arrange the toppings per the customers' requests. Talk about a fun and delicious way to practise counting and number sense!

Counting in the Kitchen

In this number recognition game, your kid will have to identify quantities as quickly as possible to serve customers in her restaurant. After Floyd expertly stacks up the burgers, it's your kid's job to determine which group has the right number of burgers and to do it quickly. After all, you have hungry customers to feed! As your kid picks out burger piles, she'll get plenty of practise connecting number names with their corresponding quantities, a key early maths skill.

Fish Tangram Challenge

Muggo needs help fixing his broken part! In this interactive tangram puzzle, kids must use simple shapes to help Muggo get up and running again. By placing each colorful shape in the correct spot in the puzzle, kids will sharpen spatial awareness, develop shape recognition skills ... and have tons of fun doing with this early introduction to geometry!

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