Understanding our base-ten number system is the foundation for many skills to come. In this unit, students will add on to their understanding of place value and extend to the millions! They will also learn how to read, write and order larger numbers, in addition to decimals to the tenths and hundredths.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities.
Place Value Up to Millions PlaceStudents can easily digest even the largest numbers after completing this exercise on place values up to the millions place.
Einstein's Brain: Decimal Numbers in Tenths and Hundredths PlaceExplore Einstein's brain to learn ways to identify decimal numbers as tenths and hundredths. In this game, kids learn how to express whole numbers and part of a number visually.
Decimal Numbers and the Tenths PlaceStudents will understand what the tenths place in a decimal number is after they complete this exercise.
Decimal Numbers and the Hundredths PlaceExpand students’ ability to work with decimal numbers with this exercise that will teach them how to follow decimals to the hundredths place.
Decimal Numbers and the Thousandths PlaceTake students’ attention to detail to the next level with this exercise that teaches decimals to the thousandths place.
Comparing Decimal NumbersFor students who find it tricky to compare decimal numbers, this exercise will give them confidence as they progress in maths.
Ordering Decimal Numbers 2Ordering Decimal Numbers will help students practise this key year six skill.

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