Multiplication Facts

Multiplication facts can be tricky for students, but giving them plenty of practise can familiarize them with these numbers. From tables to questions to interactive games, there are many different ways that students can practise fact families. In this guided lesson, students will practise one-digit multiplication facts, preparing them for higher-level maths skills later on. When they're comfortable with these facts, other maths problems will become a breeze. practise now!
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities.
Multiply by Numbers 0 and 1Multiply by Numbers 0 and 1 will help students practise this key year four skill.
Multiply by 2: Ski RacerStrap on your skis and get ready to race to the maths finish line! After choosing a character to play, your young ski racer will have to quickly multiply by 2 as they make their way down the slope. Great for third graders working on one-digit multiplication, this fast-paced maths game is an exciting way to help your young mathematician nail down their multiplication facts, or use it as a way to give your older kids a quick and fun multiplication refresher!
Multiply by Numbers 2-5Multiply by Numbers 2-5 will help students practise this key year four skill.
Multiply by 4 Matching QuizMultiplying by 4 is like skip-counting by 2's twice! Teach your child common patterns in multiplication with various strategies, and play this fun multiply by 4 matching game to reinforce the fact family he has learned. Pretty soon, your child will have the 4 fact family down!
Multiply by Numbers 6-9Multiply by Numbers 6-9 will help students practise this key year four skill.
Multiply by 6: MatchingHelp your child become fluent in the 6's multiplication facts with this multiplication matching game. By matching the equation to the product, your child will start to remember which numbers go together.

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