Letter writing is an engaging and important writing format for third graders to master. You can support the development of letter writing expertise with this lesson that provides guidance on the structure and anatomy of a letter. Written by curriculum experts, this lesson will teach kids the various features that make a letter easier to read, and will also offer plenty of opportunities to practise.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities.
Capitalization of Titles and Headings 1Kids will get lots of practise with capitalizing the titles of common books and poems in this exercise. Helpful hints guide kids on the rules of capitalization.
Proper Nouns Space SmashWhich one is the proper noun? Kids will answer that question many times as they practise identifying the words that need capitalization in this fun space game! Kids will learn that proper nouns are typically names used for unique people, places, or organizations. Help them nail this skill by giving them exposure to proper nouns in lots of contexts.
Capitalization: Proper Nouns 1The Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, and other proper nouns deserve correct capitalization — and this exercise will help kids remember the rules.
Transition Words Star RumbleWhat's happening to the galaxy? In this space-themed game, kids complete an interesting story about the happenings of another planet by filling in correct transition words. practising comma usage, they will become familiar with different types of transition words and know which words fit best. It's not as simple as choosing the word with the comma at the end!
Transition Words 1Help your students' storytelling abilities with these exercises that improve their knowledge of transition words and have them use context clues to answer questions.
Commas in Addresses 1Clear and concise language is crucial in written communication. Help your students understand how to make themselves understood when describing a place with these exercises.
Apostrophes in Contractions Space SmashReady, Captain? The crew needs to get through space, but there are asteroids in the way! By removing letters that disappear when words are combined into a contraction and adding in an apostrophe, kids get hands-on practise to accurately write contraction words. Spelling contraction words doesn't have to be tricky, so let's take it one letter at a time!
Apostrophes in Contractions 1Practise makes perfect, and these exercises that focus on contractions with apostrophes give your student the ability to work independently while still providing helpful hints when needed.
Apostrophes in Possessives: Undersea ExplorersLet's go on an undersea adventure! In this underwater-themed apostrophes in possessives game, kids read simple sentences and pick the correct possessive noun. Learning where to place apostrophes in a word, they will become very familiar with which words are possessive and which words are simply plural.
Natalia's Magic Marker: Apostrophes in Possessive NounsNatalia claims ownership of items with a single stroke of her magic marker in this silly story. While reading, kids learn where apostrophes are placed in singular and plural possessive nouns. Readers answer comprehension questions in the text as they follow Natalia's quest to own everything she loves.
Apostrophes in PossessivesTeach your young learners about the importance of apostrophes in writing with these exercises that explain how the punctuation mark can be used to show possessives, and how it differs from contractions.

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