Sight words, common words that help kids build reading fluency, are an important part of the year one curriculum.This guided lesson introduces kids to the sight words and, at, he, on, it, like, go, the, to, you, of, and said. Kids are tasked with identifying the words and understanding the sound that each word makes. Check out the accompanying worksheets at the end of the lesson.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities.
Sight Words Match: Set 2The more words you know, the more words you can read! Use this interactive word game to practise recognizing sight words and high frequency words in the world around you. Perfect for kindergarteners and other young readers, Sight Words maths: Set 2 is a straightforward and engaging game of memory. Each time students find matching words on a pair of cards, the matching word is repeated both verbally and in writing to help it stick.
Sight Words Hopper 2Cuz-Cuz is going for a mud-run again, but this time he's helping your year one students correctly identify sight words. With each round of practising identifying words such as at, he, and on, Cuz-Cuz will leap into a puddle of mud, a sure delight for your students.
Kindergarten Sight Words Balloon PopWhile the word ‘said’ may not be easy to spell at first, it is used so often it is a sight word. Because the concept of sight words is a little abstract for kindergartners, visual and kinesthetic activities such as this one can help their learning stay grounded, even if they are helping Floyd the Dog take flight.
Sight Words Cloud Catcher 2Tutu the Fairy is ready to work her magic on your year one students’ ability to recognise sight words. With every correct answer, she waves her wand and turns a rain cloud into a rainbow. Students’ success in this activity will surely colour their appreciation of reading and writing in the future.
Three Billy Goats GruffOnce upon a time, there were three billy goats who needed to outsmart a sneaky fox. In this interactive version of the beloved fairy tale, children will be enchanted by the stunning illustrations and simple prose. With three different reading modes, kids can listen and follow along with the highlighted words, or read it by themselves. Perfect for practising sight words, this story will appeal to every kind of kid.
Three Billy Goats Gruff Comprehension Quiz

Who likes to eat goats? Kids must put their listening comprehension skills to work in this interactive quiz. After reading Three Billy Goats Gruff, children can tackle straightforward questions about the who, what, where, when, and why of the story. This practise will help young learners master comprehension skills that will ensure they learn to understand more complex texts.

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