Expressions and Equations

If you think about maths as a language, expressions and equations are the sentences. This unit brings students into the world of “maths language”, learning how to write complex expressions in different forms and convert numbers in one form to another (i.e.decimals to fractions). Last, students will apply the order of operations to interpret and solve simple algebraic equations.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities
Converting Numerical Expressions to Different Forms
For students who love word problems, show them how to convert numerical expressions to different forms.
Order of Operations and use of Parentheses
Reinforce students’ understanding of PEMDAS by practising the order of operations and using parentheses in this exercise.
Defeating the Mathemagician: Expressions, Equations, and Variables Story
Lucas, a superhero-in-training, learns all about variables, expressions, and equations to help Hatman on his quest to take on his nemesis, the Mathemagician...but they can't do it alone. In this action-packed maths story, kids must answer multiple choice questions to move the story along. This interactive experience helps students learn how to convert written expressions and equations into numbers.
Understanding Expressions and Equations
Students will understand mathematical expressions and equations after they work through this engaging exercise from Education.com.
Solving Basic Algebraic Equations: Basketball Edition
She shoots, she scores! Shoot hoops with Penelope by solving maths equations in this basketball multiple choice game. Kids help Penelope move around the court to make baskets by answering a combination of multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction problems. This game offers an engaging way for kids to work on mental maths, without the help of visuals or manipulatives.
Solving Basic Algebraic Equations
Students will appreciate this exercise that shows how to solve basic algebraic equations with ease.
Convert Decimals to Fractions 2
Students will no longer be intimidated by converting decimals to fractions after this simple exercise.

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