This lesson guides students in understanding letter-sound correspondence for consonants M, S, B, R, P, K, T, G, F, L. It also introduces other techniques for pronouncing the most frequent sounds that these consonants make, including sound-to-letter correspondence and sound-to-image correspondence. This will help kindergarteners to read more fluently, with enhanced understanding of new texts. The lesson also engages listening skills that are a crucial part of the year one curriculum.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities
Monster Letters: MSBRPKTGF
When it comes to teaching your kindergarteners the sounds of letters like B, F, and L, you can’t beat this monster letter song. Not only is the music catchy but the dance moves these little monster letters use to showcase their sounds are totally enthralling. You might try asking your students to get up and dance along while calling out the sounds.
Letter Sounds Balloon Pop

Have your kid get those fingers ready for some quick clicking! Students listen closely for beginning letter sounds and match what they hear with the lowercase letter that makes that sound. Clicking the correct balloon adds air to Floyd's hot air balloon, but players need to be quick on the trigger. The balloons could drop back into the windows in an instant!

Letter Sounds Hopper
Hop to it with Cuz Cuz and some mud puddles. Find the picture to match the spoken sound, and hop on into the coordinating puddle!
Monster Puzzle

The detective is looking for the letter that sings, and he needs your help! In this monster mystery story, kids can read along as they learn about the sound that consonant letters make. This story is beautifully illustrated and bursting with rhyming words, making learning fun for every kid.

Monster Story Scramble
Construct a crazy story in this interactive story activity. Pick from a list of characters, then see what they get themselves into!

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