The mysterious comma is arguably the trickiest form of punctuation, which is why assigned it it’s own unit in year 6. As students become more sophisticated writers they craft more complex sentences. They incorporate independent phrases and clauses, generate compound sentences, and utilize transition words to combine ideas - and the exercises in this unit will teach them how to use commas correctly in each scenario.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities
Commas to Combine Short Sentences 2
Have your students practise their sentence combining skills with these exercises that give them visuals and helpful hints.
Comma After an Introductory Phrase or Clause 3
Your fifth graders will love these exercises that have them identify introductory phrases and pick the appropriate punctuation mark.
Transition Bugs: Star Rumble
It is a period of unrest for the Planet Zorb! It was a peaceful place, and then... kids have to help complete the story by choosing the best transition words! In this game, kids will interact with a story by moving the plot forward with carefully selected words. They will get practise in placing commas in the correct spot.
Comma After Transition Words for Passage of Time 3
Take your fifth graders' story telling abilities to the next level with these exercises that have them put their knowledge of transition words to the test.
Using Commas to Separate an Interrupter
Have your fifth grader learn when a clause is an interrupter with this fun and interactive activity that tests them on their knowledge of clauses rather than that of punctuation.
Using Commas to Indicate Direct Address
Commas serve so many uses in our written language, and learning their vast possibilities helps fifth graders in their essay writing and beyond. Punctuating direct addresses can be tricky, but your fifth grader can get the help they need with these exercises.

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