Leaf Rubbing

Kindergarten Science Activities: Leaf Rubbing

What You Need:

What You Do:

  1. 1.Bring your child outdoors on a sunny day and explain to her how to make a rubbing. Give a demonstration of how to place a paper square on top of an object and alter the pressure of the crayon in order to create an impression on the paper.
  2. 2.Help her search out objects that may need to be cut to use for a rubbing, such as leaves or flowers, and place them on a smooth ground surface to be rubbed.
  3. 3.Encourage her to make rubbings of a variety of textures including wood, rocks, concrete, leaves, pinecones, grass, straw and anything else that is visible. Discourage making rubbings of living critters; they may not appreciate the pressure it takes to create a rubbing of their body!
  4. 4.Use a glue stick to paste down the squares neatly in rows onto a black piece of paper. Allow to dry.

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