Make a Pumpkin maths Book

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First Grade Math Activities: Make a Pumpkin Math Book

What You Need:

  • String
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Large glass bowl filled with water
  • Markers or colored pencils
  • Scale
  • Small hand-held pumpkin your child can carry
  • Printed Pumpkin maths Book

What You Do:

  1. Print both pages of the Pumpkin maths Book and carefully cut along the dotted lines. Arrange and staple the eight-page Pumpkin maths Book.
  2. Colour the cover.
  3. Weigh your pumpkin and record. Be sure to label (pounds, kilograms, etc.)
  4. Measure the circumference of your pumpkin with string and tape it into the book.
  5. Circle the words that describe the texture of your pumpkin. Add your own describing words.
  6. Make a prediction about whether your pumpkin will float or not. Test your pumpkin in the bowl with water. Record the result.
  7. Complete the pumpkin pattern.
  8. Count the stripes on your pumpkin. Make sure to pay attention to where you started.
  9. Sketch your pumpkin. Add a silly or scary face!
  10. Share your Pumpkin maths Book with a sibling, parent or friend.

This range of maths activities will help your child with critical thinking, logical reasoning, observation, and light a spark of excitement about Halloween!

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