Play Water Freeze Tag

Fourth Grade Offline games Activities: Play Water Freeze Tag

What You Need:

  • Spray bottles
  • Water
  • Play clothes that can get wet
  • 5 or more players
  • Timer (optional)

What You Do:

  1. Every player gets a spray bottle full of water.
  2. Choose one player to be “it.”
  3. Designate boundaries for the playing field. Make sure you take note of potential hazards and remove them if possible.
  4. Discuss rules with the player who's "it." You can only “tag” a person and get him to “freeze” by spraying him with water, and then the players can only unfreeze their teammates by spraying them with water. If the person who's “it” can freeze everyone at the same time, she wins and the game can start over.
  5. Begin the game! Think about setting a timer that will “reset” the game and ensure that different players get a chance to be “it.” Have fun!

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