Paper Bag Jack-o'-Lantern

Fourth Grade Holidays Activities: Paper Bag Jack-o'-Lantern

What You Need:

  • Brown paper bag
  • An old newspaper
  • Tape
  • Orange, black paint, and green paint
  • Large and small paintbrushes
  • Green Ribbon
  • Old newspapers

What You Do:

  1. Invite your child to turn the paper bag inside out so that any writing on the outside of the bag is now facing the inside.
  2. Now he can crumple pages of the newspaper and use them to stuff the paper bag until it is just about full, puffing it out into a round, pumpkin shape.
  3. Next, your child can secure the top of the paper bag by using a length of clear tape to gather and hold the bag together.
  4. To create the Jack-o'-Lantern, invite your child to coat the outside of the paper bag with orange paint. Let him to take his time and give the bag a good coating, encouraging him as he works out his fine motor skills and improves concentration!
  5. Once the orange paint is dry, your child can use a smaller paintbrush to create a spooky or goofy face for his Jack-o'-LAntern.
  6. Now he can finish the pumpkin by tying a length of green string at the top of the paper bag, and adding a few strokes of green paint to make the top look like a stem.

Place the finished colorful Jack-o'-LAnternOn the front step to share with the neighbourhood your Halloween spirit!

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